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U.S. Faculty Development Seminar on Palestine


Applications due January 21, 2019

2019 Faculty Development Seminar Travel Fellowship Competition

Two program dates for 2019: April 24 - May 7, 2019 and June 12 - 25, 2019
in Jerusalem and the West Bank

Awards announced March 15, 2019


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The Palestinian American Research Center (PARC) announces its 10th annual Faculty Development Seminar (FDS) on Palestine for U.S. faculty members with a demonstrated in, but little travel experience to, Palestine. Applicants may come from any field of study. PARC is offering two FDS program dates for 2019: April 24 - May 7,2019 and June 12 - 25, 2019. Each Program will host 10 to 12 U.S. faculty members to participate in roundtable discussions; visits to Palestinian universities, research institutes, and cultural institutions; tours of historic cities; as well as meetings with Palestinian colleagues. Through these activities, participants will learn about the region, deepen their knowledge about their fields of interest in Palestine, and build relationships with Palestinian colleagues and institutions.

Applicants must:

  • Be U.S. citizens.
  • Be full-time faculty members at recognized U.S. colleges or universities.  Applicants may come from any academic discipline, including the humanities, social sciences, economics, law, health, and sciences.
  • Have a demonstrated interest in Palestine.
  • Have little previous travel experience to Palestine.
  • Be willing to integrate their experiences from the seminar into their own teaching and/or pursue a joint research project or publication with a Palestinian colleague.
  • Be a member of PARC. Visit the PARC membership page for more information.

PARC will make all arrangements for the program, including hotel, site visits, tours, and meetings with Palestinian colleagues. PARC will cover all expenses for in-country, group ground travel, accommodations, and group meals. International travel and personal and free day expenses will be the responsibility of each faculty member and/or his/her university. In cases of demonstrated need, there is limited funding available to cover partial costs for international travel.

Professors from Minority Serving Institutions and Community Colleges are especially encouraged to apply.

PARC will provide three travel stipends up to $1,000 each for airfare for professors from Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) and/or Community Colleges.

Funding for these three participants is provided by the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs through an agreement with CAORC.

Programs contingent on funding.

Click on the box above to be directed to our online application system.

2017 Faculty Development Seminar

Eleven U.S. professors who represented a variety of disciplines including History; Geography; Anthropology; African American and African Diaspora Studies; Political Science; Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies; and Earth and the Environment joined PARC's eighth annual Faculty Development Seminar (FDS). Our Palestinian colleagues were delighted to receive such a diverse group of U.S. scholars. This year we conducted our first outreach to U.S. community colleges, which we will be continuing for next year. Our FDS provides a unique opportunity to make connections with Palestine colleagues, an important feature of this program that we will continue to emphasize with future groups.

2017 Faculty Development Seminar Participants

Charity Butcher
Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs
Kennesaw State University

Dereka Rushbrook
Associate Professor of Geography and Development
University of Arizona

Anneeth Kaur Hundle
Assistant Professor of Socio-cultural Anthropology, Humanities and World Cultures
University of California, Merced

James Strick
Chair of Science, Technology, and Society Program and Associate Professor of Earth and the Environment
Franklin and Marshall College

Mary Jo Klinker
Assistant Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Winona State University

Melissa Weiner
Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
College of the Holy Cross

Courtney Desiree Morris
Assistant Professor of African American and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Pennsylvania State University

Aubrey Westfall
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Wheaton College

Jasbir Puar
Associate Professor of Women's and Gender Studies, American Studies, Disability Studies
Rutgers University

Jakobi Williams
Associate Professor of African American and African Diaspora Studies, History
Indiana University, Bloomington

Gregory Rabb
Professor of Political Science and Global Education
Jamestown Community College


2016 Faculty Development Seminar

Eleven U.S. professors who represented a variety of disciplines including Law, Religious Studies, Theatre, History, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, English and American Studies, joined PARC's seventh annual Faculty Development Seminar (FDS). This year, we added to our established program in Jerusalem and the West Bank, an enriching trip to Haifa. Indeed, the day was so successful that going forward we plan to include Haifa as a regular part of our FDS program. With the many both varied and interesting outcomes from this program, enthusiasm remains strong for hosting a new group in 2017.

2016 Faculty Development Seminar Participants

Kevin Brown
Richard S. Melvin Professor of Law
Indiana University

Rachael Stryker
Associate Professor of Human Development and Women's Studies
California State University, East Bay

Jennifer Carrera
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Michigan State University

Russell Vandenbroucke
Professor of Theatre Arts and Peace, Conflict, and Social Justice Studies
University of Louisville

King Downing
Adjunct Professor of Business and Human Rights Attorney
Essex Community College

Jennifer Veninga
Assistant Professor of Religious and Theological Studies
St. Edwards University

Stephen Hall
Assistant Professor of History
Alcorn State University

Beverly Voloshin
Professor of English and American Literature
San Francisco State University

Gina Hens-Piazza
Professor of Religious Studies and Theology
Jesuit School of Theology at Santa Clara University

Dorothy Wang
Associate Professor of American Studies
Williams College

Joshua Stacher
Associate Professor of Political Science
Kent State University


2015 Faculty Development Seminar

PARC's sixth annual Faculty Development Seminar was composed of eleven U.S. professors who represented a variety of disciplines with strong representation in American Studies, and our first group members in Economics, Law, Theatre and Religious Studies. Once again we had strong minority participation, as well as our first professor of Native American origins. Three minority serving institutions (MSIs) were also represented. With our sixth year of this program, our U.S. professors and their Palestinian colleagues were poised to forge strong connections in their work. Our program included meetings with faculty members and administrative personnel at five Palestinian university campuses, guided tours of four Old Cities in the West Bank, and visits to Palestinian research and cultural organizations. With enthusiasm strong for continuing this program, PARC looks forward to hosting a new group in 2016.

2015 Faculty Development Seminar Participants

Radhika Balakrishnan
Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for Women's and Gender Studies
Rutgers University

Doug Kiel
Assistant Professor of History
Northwestern University

Karma Chavez
Associate Professor of Mexican American & Latina/o Studies
University of Texas

Barbara Lewis
Associate Professor of English and Director of William Monroe Trotter Institute for the Study of Black History and Culture
University of Massachusetts, Boston

Ira Dworkin
Associate Professor of English
Texas A&M University

Karla McKanders
Clinical Professor of Law
Vanderbilt University

James Heintz
Professor of Economics and Research Professor at the Political Economy Research Institute
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Soraya Mekerta
Associate Professor of World Languages and Literature and Director of African Diaspora and the World Program
Spelman College

Erica Caple James
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Elizabeth Ursic
Professor of Religious Studies
Mesa Community College

J. Kehaulani Kauanui
Associate Professor of American Studies
and Anthropology
Wesleyan University


2014 Faculty Development Seminar

PARC's fifth annual Faculty Development Seminar was composed of ten U.S. professors who represented a variety of disciplines from Anthropology, Art History, and Literature to Geography and Cultural Studies. This year's group witnessed strong minority participation, as well as the first professor from an Hispanic-serving institution, and our second professor from an Asian American/Native American/Pacific Islander-serving institution. We look forward to our Palestinian colleagues forging working relationships with a diverse array of U.S. colleges and universities. The U.S. professors attended meetings with faculty members and administrative personnel at five Palestinian university campuses and toured historic sites in four West Bank cities. This year's activities embraced a wide range of topics from culture to education and included a round table discussion and visits to several Palestinian NGOs and research institutions. Recognizing the enthusiasm for this program among all past participants, PARC looks forward to continuing the program in 2015.

2014 Faculty Development Seminar Participants

Kerry Chance
Assistant Professor of Geography & Anthropology
Louisiana State University

Sarah Roberts
Assistant Professor of Information & Media Studies
Western University, Canada

Erika Derkas
Associate Professor of Sociology & Women's Studies
New Mexico Highlands University

Amy Ross
Associate Professor of Geography & Human Rights
University of Georgia

Nilda Flores-Gonzales
Associate Professor of Sociology and Latin American & Latino Studies
University of Illinois at Chicago

Greg Thomas
Associate Professor of English & African Studies
Tufts University

Elisabeth Friedman
Assistant Professor of Art History & Visual Culture
Illinois State University

Neha Vora
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Lafayette College

Maimuna Islam
Associate Professor of English in World Literatures, Postcolonial & Contemporary Fiction
The College of Idaho

Craig Willse
Assistant Professor of Cultural/Urban Studies
George Mason University

2013 Faculty Development Seminar

PARC's fourth annual Faculty Development Seminar was composed of ten US professors including a variety of disciplines from Anthropology to Public Health. This year's program witnessed strong representation from Historically Black Colleges and Universities, something PARC is committed to continuing in the coming years. The group attended meetings with faculty members and administrative personnel at five university campuses and toured historic sites in a number of cities. This year's activities embraced a wide range of topics from culture to economics and included round table discussions and attendance at musical performances and a book launch. Recognizing the enthusiasm for this program among all past participants, PARC hopes to expand the program in 2014.

2013 Faculty Development Seminar Participants

Christopher Daniels
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Florida A&M University

Starr Sage
Assistant Professor of Public Health
University of Minnesota, Rochester

Tiffany Davis
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Chicago State University

Susan Shepler
Assistant Professor of International Peace & Conflict Resolution
American University

Cynthia Franklin
Professor of English
University of Hawai'i

Diana Stover Tillinghast
Professor of Journalism & Mass Communications
San Jose State University

Byron D'Andra Orey
Department Chair and Professor of Political Science
Jackson State University

Kamala Visweswaran
Professor of Ethnic Studies
University of California, San Diego

Robert Ross
Assistant Professor of Global Cultural Studies
Point Park University

Erica Lorraine Williams
Assistant Professor of Sociology & Anthropology
Spelman College

Images from the 2012 Faculty Development Seminar

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2012 Faculty Development Seminar

For its third annual Faculty Development Seminar (FDS), PARC was delighted to bring to the West Bank nine U.S. faculty members, including, for the first time, three faculty members from Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Participants met with Palestinian colleagues at five academic institutions including Birzeit University, Bethlehem University, Hebron University, an-Najah University, and Al-Quds University. In addition the group visited several Palestinian NGOs, had an in depth tour of the Haram al-Sharif, and saw Palestine's first Science Discovery Center at Al-Quds University. This faculty group looks particularly promising in terms of developing cooperative projects with Palestinian colleagues in various fields of study. As in previous years, these U.S. professors will bring their experiences back to their U.S. campuses, using what they have seen and learned to infuse existing courses with new material as well as develop new courses. Given the success of this and previous years, PARC looks forward to hosting another FDS program in 2013.

2012 Faculty Development Seminar Participants

Lisa Adeli
Outreach Coordinator for the Center for Middle Eastern Studies
University of Arizona

Lanisa Kitchiner
Program Manager in International Affairs Center
Howard University

Nita Sue Currey
Professor of Communications
St. Edward's University

Jack McTague
Professor of History
Saint Leo University

Adenike Davidson
Department Chair and Professor of English
Delaware State University

Kim Shively
Professor of Anthropology & Sociology
Kutztown University

Susan Hume
Professor of Geography
Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Pamela Waldron-Moore
Professor of Political Science & International Relations
Xavier University

Katie Kane
Associate Professor of English
University of Montana


Images from the 2011 Faculty Development Seminar

2011 Faculty Development Seminar

In May 2011, PARC had the privilege of leading 10 U.S. faculty members, representing diverse fields of academia and an interesting cross-section of U.S. colleges and universities, on our second Faculty Development Seminar (FDS). This academic exploration of Jerusalem and the West Bank included in-depth site visits to five Palestinian universities and guided tours of the historic old cities of Jerusalem, Nablus, and Hebron. The group also participated in a roundtable discussion with Palestinian scholars and visited several Palestinian NGOs, ranging from a research center to a music school. The participants sustained their enthusiasm and motivation throughout the Seminar and particularly benefited from individual meetings with Palestinian colleagues in their respective fields. Outgrowths of the FDS include: published articles and blog posts about the FDS experiences (see below), new courses developed integrating the lessons learned on the FDS, lectures and talks to local U.S. communities, joint research projects, and visits by Palestinian colleagues to U.S. campuses. With these indicators of success, PARC plans to continue hosting the FDS program annually.

2011 Faculty Development Seminar Participants

Afshan Bokhari
Assistant Professor of Art History
Suffolk University

Persis Karim
Associate Professor of English & Comparative Literature
San Jose State University

Craig Campbell
Associate Professor of Public Safety Management
St. Edward's University

Elizabeth Kolsky
Associate Professor of History
Villanova University

Chris Corley
Honors Program Director and Associate Professor of History
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Christopher Lee
Associate Professor of History
Lafayette College

Denise DeGarmo
Department Chair and Associate Professor of Political Science
Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Jess White
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Western Illinois University

John Ferré
Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences and Professor of Communication
University of Louisville

Charles Zerner
Professor of Environmental Studies
Sarah Lawrence College

Images from the 2010 Faculty Development Seminar

Inaugural Faculty Development Seminar

PARC's inaugural Faculty Development Seminar took place from May 22-May 31, 2010 in Jerusalem and the West Bank. This dynamic new program is designed to expose 10 U.S. professors from a variety of disciplines to Palestine and Palestinian studies. The group was composed of 10 U.S. scholars from a variety of disciplines, and was led by Executive Director Penelope Mitchell and PARC's Palestine Director Hadeel Qazzaz. During the Seminar, the group toured and met with professors and administrators at five West Bank universities and had presentations and discussions at several Palestinian NGOs. They also visited some of the most significant points of interest in the area, thereby witnessing everyday life in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Through their experiences during the Seminar, these professors are excited about the possibility of working cooperatively with their Palestinian colleagues and incorporating lessons learned into their scholarship and teaching. Indeed, some of the professors plan to publish articles about their experiences, others plan to invite Palestinian colleagues to their campuses to speak, and significant joint research with Palestinian academics is already beginning. The reception to the Seminar was even better than we anticipated, and we are confident that we chose worthy scholars whose future teaching and scholarship will demonstrate the impact of this experience. In that vein, all of the participants highly encouraged PARC to repeat this project in coming years.

2010 Faculty Development Seminar Participants

Michael Daher
Director of Arab Cultural Studies Program and Professor of English
Henry Ford Community College

Gail Sahar
Associate Provost and Professor of Psychology
Wheaton College (MA)

Allen Fromherz
Assistant Professor of History
Georgia State University

Yasmin Saikia
Hardt-Nickachos Chair in Peace Studies at the Center for the Study of Religion & Conflict and Professor of History
Arizona State University

Jacqueline Guzda
Visiting Professor of Communication
Western Connecticut State University

Mahasin Saleh
Associate Professor of Social Work
University of North Texas

Amy Kaplan
Edward W. Kane Professor of English
University of Pennsylvania

Christopher Stone
Head of Arabic Program and Associate Professor of Classical & Oriental Studies Hunter College, City University of New York

Heidi Morrison
Assistant Professor of History
University of Wisconsin, La Crosse

Lucian Stone
Assistant Professor of Philosophy & Religion
University of North Dakota



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