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Fellowship Program for Palestinians

2021–2022 Fellowships for Palestinian Scholars
Conducting Field-Based Research on Palestine

Pre-proposal APPLICATION

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Proposals due November 24, 2020

Awards announced April 1, 2021

Fellowship awards up to a maximum of $6,000

The Palestinian American Research Center (PARC) announces its 22nd annual Palestinian research fellowship competition for research that will contribute to Palestinian Studies. Applicants must be Palestinian doctoral students or Palestinian scholars who have earned their PhD.

Information about the fellowship competition:

  • Research must contribute to Palestinian Studies. Research can be in the arts, humanities, social sciences, economics, and law, including inter-disciplinary studies in public health and in the environment. Scientific research is not eligible for this fellowship competition.
  • Research must take place in Palestine, Jordan, or Lebanon.
  • Field research must be for a minimum of two months and a maximum of one year.
  • Individual and joint research projects are eligible for this competition, i.e. research can be done by a group of researchers.
  • Applicants must be scholars who have earned their PhD, established researchers, or full-time doctoral students enrolled in a recognized degree program.
  • Doctoral students must have fulfilled all preliminary requirements for the doctorate degree except the dissertation by the time research commences. The fellowship will not cover tuition fees.
  • Senior researchers without a doctorate but with a record of academic publication are eligible (not less than 10 refereed articles).
  • Master's degree holders without a record of academic publication are only eligible to apply for a joint research project with a lead researcher who holds a PhD.
  • Former PARC fellows who received a grant in the last three years as well as scholars who received two PARC fellowships are not eligible to apply.
  • Palestinians who are also U.S. citizens must choose to apply either to the Palestinian Research Fellowship competition or the U.S. Research Fellowship competition. They may not apply to both competitions in the same year.
  • Applicants can submit only one proposal each year.
  • Applications from and about the Gaza Strip and from PhD students and junior faculty are especially encouraged.

Proposals must be in English and include the following:

  1. Research proposal, not to exceed 2500 words including the following:
    • Your research topic and research problem
    • A detailed and informed literature review (with citations)
    • Specific objectives and description of your research
    • Theoretical significance of your study and how it advances what we know on this topic in a Palestinian context
    • Your detailed methodology and time-frame for completion
    • A bibliography (not part of word count)
  2. A 200-250 word abstract of the proposal
  3. Curriculum vitae (not more than 5 pages)
  4. Itemized research budget indicating the amount requested (not to exceed $6,000).
  5. For doctoral students only, a copy of Master's degree and PhD transcript(s) or a letter from the head of the department if there are no transcripts, and a list of chapters for your dissertation project
  6. Three letters of recommendation (for doctoral students, one of which much be from the dissertation advisor)
  7. A scanned copy of your ID and passport information page
  8. A completed proposal application form

For more information, contact:

P.O. Box 549, Emil Habibi St., 4th floor Al Nahdah Bldg., Almasyoon,
Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine
Tel (02) 2974240

*Palestinians who are U.S. citizens should also visit the U.S. Fellowships page and the NEH/FPIRI Fellowships page and contact the U.S. office at with any questions.


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